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Firewise Index Explanation

The Firewise Index represents our best estimate of the fire-resistant characteristics of Texas landscaping plants. The Firewise index takes into account the predicted water use, heat tolerance and estimated flammability for plant species within a region. The index ranges from 1 to 10, with plants having a Firewise Index of 10 considered most fire-resistant.

Although the Firewise Index is intended to quantitatively estimate the fire-resistant characteristics of specific plants, it is critical to note that no plant is completely fireproof, and even plants with a maximum rating should be incorporated into a Firewise design that creates defensible space around the home. Furthermore, this list is not intended to limit landscaping plant options. It is intended, rather, to educate homeowners about their landscaping plant choices. Our goal is that the Firewise Index will guide Texas home and landowners to choose the "right plant for the right place." For more information on Firewise landscaping, please visit the Texas A&M Forest Service website: or the Firewise website:

Firewise Index Breakdown

Heat Tolerance

Water Use