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About Invasiveness

The Earth–Kind® Plant Selector rates plants STRICTLY on the basis of resource efficiency (drought tolerance, heat tolerance, pest tolerance, soil requirement, fertility requirement). It DOES NOT provide information concerning the potential invasiveness of landscape plant materials. It is likely that plants with a high Earth–Kind® index value will be more “agressive” in their growth habit than plants with a lower value.

None of the plants included in the Earth–Kind® Plant Selector database currently appear on the Texas Department of Agriculture's list of invasive and noxious plants.

For additional information on plant invasiveness we invite you to visit the website. maintains an online database devoted to plants known to occur in or around Texas that are suspected of causing invasive problems. The purpose of this site is informational and educational and it is not intended to be a regulatory tool. Many of the species on the list are economically important horticultural plants but sometimes cause problems when they escape and establish in natural areas.